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Glory Shine Oil consists of all natural botanicals from nature. There are no man made chemicals or animal fat in the ingredients. This costs more to make, but we at Glory Shine believe you are worth it. With olive oil as the chief ingredient, along with vitamin E, grape seed oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ, you’ll find you will never need another oil. Each botanical ingredient has a specific measurement making it impossible to duplicate, making Glory Shine so special.

With regular use, your hair will be healthy and stronger than ever. Glory Shine adds the proper balance of moisture to hair to stop the damage of daily curling, blow drying, pressing, and relaxing and color treatments. Glory Shine adds life to dry, dull, lifeless hair. Glory Shine is also excellent on natural hair for men and women. Use as daily maintenance oil to keep hair shiny and manageable.

For the Body
Feet and Hands
Chemically Treated Hair
After Shave

After a shower or a bath, while skin is moist, rub Glory Shine were needed to lock in moisture. Helps soothe and relieve chafed skin.

 Excellent for the repair of dry cuticles and dry hands. Cuticle Oil: Massage into cuticles after manicure and washing hands.

For dry feet after a pedicure, bath or shower, rub into hands and feet to lock in moisture. Use daily to maintain moisture.

For medium to coarse hair textures, relaxed, pressed natural styled or color-treated hair. Helps make hair smoother during flat ironing. Protects hair while braided. Heals dry flaky scalp.

Helps repair color, and chemically damaged hair. Restores elasticity and brings damaged hair back to life. Curling: Before curling medium to coarse hair, apply a little Glory Shine for protection from heat and to lock in a beautiful lasting shine.

Use after shaving to prevent dryness and make skin soft and moist.


For hair ends after a trim or as home maintenance treatment apply small amount to ends before rolling or wrapping hair at night..

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